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Hi, my name’s Vanita.

I help bloggers build profitable blogs.

For A Limited Time…

I’m offering the below package to help more bloggers establish their authority, increase their traffic, and make money.

Advertisers like to work with blogs that rank in the search engines results…

Affiliate programs are income generators when Google’s your referrer…

Whether you’re interested in working with advertisers or being an affiliate,  a responsive, wicked fast, content rich, sexy seo-sound structured blog with an engaged audience is key to achieving your financial goals.

And I’m here to help you with all of it.

I provide income clarity, marketing direction, a kick ass design and seo training all based on your goals of building a striving blog that will  generate an income.

For A Limited Time …

I am making an offer you can’t refuse.

This is NOT a “here’s the design you asked for, here’s some ebooks on making money online” offer. 

This offer will be limited to a handpicked few.

This offer is for you if:

  1. Your number one goal isn’t to make money, but instead build a striving business from blogging.
  2. You’re open to critique and improvements. I’m not harsh but I am blunt.
  3. You’re willing to work your butt off.
  4. You understand that this is not a get rich quick process. It takes at least a year for a business to see a profit, 3 years to see ROI. A blog can usually do it in half that time. Depends on your time commitment.
  5. You are able to invest one hour monthly (for 3 months) to work side by side with me, reviewing your progress, refining your approach. That’s 3 one hour sessions with me, not including our 60 minute income clarity session or our 3 training sessions listed below.
  6. You want someone to hold your hand through it all via our total of seven live sessions and email support.

If ALL 6 scenarios above have you nodding your head in agreement, keep reading girlfriend…

Here’s what you get:

Income Clarity Consulting

If working with advertisers and affiliate programs hasn’t done much for you in the past, trust me, those days are numbered.

This segment consists of:

An in depth evaluation of your existing blog, its content, audience, search engine & social media standing and traffic.

A 60 minute income clarity session where we get down to your goals and uncover your available options.

A custom tailored actionable plan to get you started on the road to success.

Income Generation Training

This segment includes an hour of hands on training  based on your action plan and additional materials/direction required for your success based on our income clarity session.

Three one hour sessions with me (once per month, 3 months) via Google Hangouts or telephone, reviewing your progress, refining your approach, answering questions or a refresher walk through of the technical aspects of navigating affiliate programs, coding in ads. Emergency support via email for 3 months.

A Sexy, Mobile, Structured For SEO, Scalable Design Makeover.

  • Custom Header or logo or implementation of your existing header/logo.
  • Custom Background.
  • Static Homepage design.
  • Page template design.
  • Post page template design.
  • Contact page template design.
  • Matching Social Media Icons Installed and Configured.
  • Matching subscriber sign up box.
  • Social Profile Graphics FB Timeline, Google+ Graphics.
  • Ad space widgets in sidebar.
  • Ad space widget in header.
  • Ad space widget in footer.
  • Ad space widgets viewable in mobile view.
  • Post title / divider graphics.
  • Custom favicon.
  • Blog button.
  • All custom art is yours and provided to you in an editable form for your future use.
  • Built in SEO interface, no need for an extra plugin.

Search Engine Friendly Structure.

Installation and Configuration of Settings Required For Search Engine Optimization

  • Sitemap
  • Caching
  • Database Optimization
  • Robots File Creation and Upload to Your Server
  • Webmaster tools verification, Google Analytics and Google Authorship coded in for you.
  • Google Published Badge coded in for you.


One 60 minute Google Hangout Training Session.
Learn how to structure and search engine optimize your posts to increase traffic from Google.

  1. Revamp of an existing post and a post formatting training for new posts.
  2. Keyword research training.
  3. Keyword Competition analysis training.
  4. Analyzing your posts for search engine friendliness.
  5. Search engine optimizing pictures and uploaded videos.

Complimentary Google Plus Training (available if necessary)

Google plus is a bit overwhelming but well worth the extra work. Google plus activity boosts your blog’s ranking in the search engines and increases your blog’s traffic. A 40 minute training session, only if required, on the house.

  1. Learn how to use your personal account and blog page account effectively.
  2. Learn how to build your audience.
  3. Learn how to share your posts.
  4. Learn how to share your network’s posts.
  5. Learn how to create share-able google plus posts.
  6. Learn what to share on your blog page based on your marketing goals.

Terms and Conditions.

  • 2 year guarantee. If the theme malfunctions due to construction of design or due to a wordpress update, I will repair the theme or rebuild it at no cost. This service does not cover damage due to a plugin, any third party services or your blog being moved by a 3rd party.
  • 60 days of design support covers 3 rounds of changes related to: color, font or size, 1 round of structure change allowed before the design goes live.
  • Design clients receive 20% discount on future services, can not be combined with other discounts.
  • Email support is also included if you have questions on how to make small changes to the design.
  • Client covers costs of any additional expenses.
  • Once the project date is scheduled, this service is non-refundable.
  • Your design will be built on the Thesis Framework (allows for seo-friendly functionality) utilizing a user friendly skin (allowing for scalability) and premium stock art when needed.

Today’s investment $2000. Payment due, in full, at time of booking, after we’ve agreed that we’re a good fit. Paypal invoice provided (maintain to claim as an expense at tax time).Contact Me For Exact Booking Schedule and to determine if we’ll be working together.

Portfolio Samples:

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A Few Testimonials

I honestly can’t say enough about Vanita. I think what makes her different from the other designers I’ve met and worked with is that she really digs in and figures out what your goals are. She evaluates your blog and your traffic — she doesn’t just ask what you think you need — and then she builds your design. My husband says she’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Based on the length of our email threads and how much I bug her, you’d have to ask her if she feels the same way… Tammy, World’s Worst Moms


The only thing Vanita Cyril has more of than talent and SEO know-how is patience. I know this because Vanita encouraged me to step away from an established blog and guided me through the rebranding process.

Prior to connecting with Vanita, I was struggling to find my online voice. She helped me narrow my focus and held my hand during the entire design process. The end result is a professional, SEO optimized website that I feel confident navigating.

I highly recommend The Strategic Mama for SEO training, website design, and blog consulting. It was worth every penny.

- Poppy Marley, Facing40.com and Funnyorsnot.com


“I highly recommend working with Vanita at The Strategic Mama, she has helped my site do a complete turnaround. She helped me move everything over from Weebly to WP and build a new site from the ground up. With her knowledge of SEO, I have seen an increase in search referral traffic go up 50% in the last 28 days. If you are on the fence deciding who to use for your site redesign, you’ve found her!”- Jennifer West, Pink When



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